You have hard water, because there is a huge problem in the Canary Islands, namely increased calcification. It is because of this factor that scale formation occurs. As a result, overspending of electricity, damage to pipes and household appliances.

In the current conditions, scale in pipes, boilers and boilers is formed very quickly: if it took about 1 hour to heat the water in a new 180-liter boiler, then it will take from 4 to 5 hours to heat the water in the boiler a few months later with scale. Accordingly, the power consumption increases at least 4 times.

Due to the increased hardness of water, the heating elements of washing machines and dishwashers, boilers and boilers are quickly covered with a layer of scale and burn out. This is due to the constant overheating of the heaters - first they heat the scale layer, and only then the heating is transferred through it to the water.

Thanks to our device, you will not only be able to save an impressive amount and free yourself from headaches about repairing and replacing household appliances, but you will also use better quality water for the skin.

If you rent an apartment, you hope to receive a permanent and stable profit, and not additional expenses for the replacement of household appliances and its repair.

In addition, you probably have not thought that heating water in pipes with scale requires more electricity. In addition, water in pipes with lime deposits negatively affects our skin!

The longer you postpone solving problems, the more money such a seemingly harmless phenomenon as scum takes from your wallet.

The Phasis device will not only remove existing scale deposits in your water supply system, but will also prevent new ones from forming, as well as protect your pipes and water heaters, which means it will reduce your replacement costs due to a sudden breakdown. Thus, the scale problem is solved!

It's time to make the right choice - install one device that works 24/7 and forget about all the problems that have arisen constantly!

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